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Do something brave -- open your mind and question the media's reliability. Don't let them make decisions for you!

26MAY2020: Ex-CBS News President: Media 'Decidedly Liberal,' No Longer Objective.

26MAY2020: ....ex-CBS News president: ‘Liberal leaning’ media passes its tipping point.

"Just because you like what your read does not make it true. And not liking what you read does not make it false."citizen47usa@nomonitor.net

"Media offering an 'opinion' should be cleared identify as such." citizen47usa

27MAY2020: Federal judge dismisses OAN lawsuit against MSNBC’S Rachel Maddow, rules in favor of fake news. OAN Newsroom.

26MAY2020: Wikipedia Co-Founder Says Site Is ‘Badly Biased’ Toward The Left.

"Investigate! Deceptive writing and out-of-context video editing is rampant. Do not depend upon the article title, they can be misleading. You must read the entire article to get the whole story. Being informed takes effort!" Citizen47usa.

25MAY2020: Deepfakes Are Going To Wreak Havoc On Society.

12MAY2020: Brit Hume says Mueller report coverage 'worst journalistic fiasco' he's seen in 50-year news career. Soellner.

11MAY2020: "Narrative engineering and censorship are among the reasons reliable information is in short supply......"

2018: The media said your going extinct.

2018: ...Pretty Much All Of Journalism Now Leans Left..

2017: Former NPR CEO opens up about liberal media bias.

2016: 12 Fake News Stories ... Mainstream Media.

Main Stream Media - UPDATED: 30MAY2020 21:03 CDT.

30MAY2020: McEnany gets vitriol hurled at her daily by liberal media, and it proves this.

14MAY2020: What's WRONG With NYT's Pulitzer Winning 1619 Project?

29MAY2020: Politico says New York Gov. Cuomo's 'coronavirus halo begins to fade.

29MAY2020: Fox Exposes Cuomo's Office Trying to Hide Deadly Corona Exec Order.

Posted here May 29, 2020:

May 15, 2020: PBS Interviews 74 Biden Staffers, Pundits Proclaim Reade's Story Is 'Increasingly Unlikely'. By Tim Graham

May 13, 2020: Study: Networks Bury Important Facts Corroborating Sex Assault Claim Against Biden. Scott Whitlock

May 28, 2020: CNN’s Lemon Blames Trump for Death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. "....But things went back to being grossly political when they tried to argue that Republicans would give up their commitment to the Second Amendment, if African Americans were protesting with legally acquired and owned firearms.". Nicholas Fondacaro

May 27, 2020: Tucker Carlson: CNN And MSNBC Peddling Panic, Not Science Or Data. By Mike LaChance

May26,2020: India backs hydroxychloroquine for virus prevention

"Below lies a great example of selective reporting, not telling the whole truth about Hydroxychloroquine! In essence, the MSM is lying by leaving a false impression with the audience. I guess you can call it "spin"; but I call it treason - hurting one's country for personal and/or political gain with a sneaky play with words. In this case; they are likely responsible for some refusing a viable treatment solely to hurt Trump in the public's eyes. Perhaps THEY have blood on their hands for those actions." citizen47usa.

MAY 22, 2020: HCQ Linked to Increased Risk of Death in COVID-19 Patient. "The Post noted the study is the largest analysis of the risk and benefits of treating those infected with the coronavirus with antimalarial drugs. The findings were based on an analysis of medical records and not a controlled study." "The new analysis was led by Mandeep Mehra, a Harvard Medical School professor, and colleagues at other institutions."

May 22, 2020: Drug touted by Trump is linked to increase risk of death in virus patients: WaPo. Hydroxychloroquine, the antimalarial drug touted by President Trump, is linked to increased risk of death in coronavirus patients, a study of 96,000 hospitalized coronavirus patients on six continents found, according to new reporting.

May 22, 2020: Antimalarial drug touted by President Trump is linked to increased risk of death in coronavirus patients, study says. An analysis of 96,000 patients shows those treated with hydroxychloroquine were also more likely to suffer irregular heart rhythms. By Ariana Eunjung Cha and Laurie McGinley. "The Lancet analysis is based on a retrospective analysis of medical records, not a controlled study in which patients are divided randomly into treatment groups — the method considered the gold standard of medicine. But the sheer size of the study was convincing to some scientists."

MAY 21, 2020: Michigan AG tells Trump to wear mask while visiting Ford plant: It's 'the law' "Trump has not been pictured wearing a face mask in public and said he's taking hydroxychloroquine, an unproven COVID-19 drug, as a preventative measure to ward off the contagious virus." By Marisa Schultz Fox News.

"Note that he is taking it with the approval of his doctor, and note also other news article supporting the use of said drug. "unproven" is an inaccurate discription". citizen47usa.

May 20, 2020: McEnany: Media Mocks Trump For Taking Hydroxychloroquine, Doesn't Criticize Chris Cuomo For Taking "Less Safe Version". Posted By Ian Schwartz

May 20, 2020: Dr. David Samadi Speaks the Truth on Hydroxychloroquine to Debunk Rampant COVID-19 Disinformation. Dr. David Samadi

19 May 2020: Press Sec. McEnany: Media 'Misreporting' on Trump's Use of HCQ. Sandy Fitzgerald

May 19, 2020: Joe Scarborough: 'Let Me Assure You'—Trump Not Taking Hydroxychloroquine. By Mark Finkelstein.

May 18, 2020: President Trump Admits He Is Taking Life-Saving Drug Hydroxychloroquine as Prophylaxis Against the Coronavirus. Jim Hoft

May 18, 2020: “The People of the United States Need to Know They Have a Brilliant President” – TX Doctor Praises Trump following Hydroxychloroquine Announcement. Jim Hoft

drugs.com - Last update unknown: Hydroxychloroquine has not been approved to treat coronavirus or COVID-19. However, the FDA has authorized emergency use in adults and adolescents hospitalized with COVID-19. It is not yet known if hydroxychloroquine is an effective treatment for COVID-19. This use is still experimental.

April 23, 2020: French Doctor Didier Raoult Cites ‘Scientific Misconduct’ in Recent VA Study on Hydroxychloroquine; Two Major Flaws. "A spokeswoman for the Department of Veterans Affairs issued a statement by email to Fox News which read, “This was not a clinical trial. It is simply an analysis of retrospective data regarding hospitalized patients. The findings should not be viewed as definitive because the analysis doesn’t adjust for patients’ clinical status and showed that hydroxychloroquine alone was provided to VA’s sickest COVID-19 patients, many times as a last resort.” Elizabeth Vaughn

April 17, 2020: The results are in on the Texas nursing home using hydroxychloroquine. "Dr. Robin Armstrong faced one of the largest outbreaks in the Houston area when 83 people tested positive for COVID-19 at the 135-bed facility in Galveston County.".... "Dr. Armstrong reminded the reporter that hydroxychloroquine is not a cure for COVID-19. He said in his experience, though, it does reduce the severity of the symptoms." Karen Townsend.

May 26, 2020: Bloomberg aide slammed for using photo from another day to claim Trump golfed on Memorial Day By Morgan Phillips Fox News.

May 23, 2020: Cuomo Brings on Discredited Florida Employee to Spread Anti-DeSantis Conspiracy Theory.By Alex Christ.

May 20, 2020: Rebekah Jones’ firing is the COVID clickbait the media dreams of – but it’s all fake. By Staff.

BET co-founder blasts Biden over comments on black voters: 'Arrogant and out-of-touch attitude'. By Joseph A. Wulfsohn Fox News.

May22, 2020, updated Sat May 23, 2020: What Biden said was outrageous. But, some say, so was the reaction. Analysis by John Blake, CNN.

May 23, 2020: Time has no meaning': Rachel Maddow complains coronavirus has reduced show to 'anarchy'. Spencer Neale

"A search on MSNBC.com for "Biden your not black" did not turn up article on Biden's comments." citizen47usa.

May 23, 2020: CNN downplays Biden's 'you ain't black' comments, avoids on-air coverage throughout the day. By Joseph A. Wulfsohn Fox News

MAY 21,2020: Jane Roe Recants? Pro-Aborts Pounce, Claim Pro-Life ‘Always Built on Lies’. By Alexa Moutevelis

"For many decades I have been quoting her story of her stance against abortion. Apparently I have been dissiminating false news all that time." citizen47usa.

21 May 2020: DOJ: Democrats Paid Pennsylvania Election Officials to Stuff Ballot Box. John Binder

April 09, 2020: Team Trump to Jim Acosta: Here’s Your Examples of Mail-In Voter Fraud.

July 14, 2017: The vote fraud that Democrats refuse to see. By Deroy Murdock NY Post

A Sampling of Recent Election Fraud Cases from Across the United States.

May 21, 2020: Well, That Dirty Trick Used Against Paul Manafort Should Led to a Full Investigation of the Mueller Probe. Matt Vespa

Sept. 18, 2017: With a Search Warrant and a Threatened Indictment, Mueller’s Inquiry Sets a Tone. By Sharon LaFraniere, Matt Apuzzo and Adam Goldman.

May 19, 2020: Fox News Meteorologist Janice Dean UNLEASHES on Andrew Cuomo, Liberal Media. By Randy Hall.

May 20, 2020: Ukraine Judge Orders Biden Be Listed as Alleged Perpetrator of Crime in Prosecutor’s Firing. by Matt Palumbo.

May 20, 2020: Ukrainian Lawmakers: Biden tapes show quid pro quo. AN Newsroom.

Sep 26, 2019: Cuomo Admits: Biden Engaged in Quid Pro Quo With Ukraine. shawn

10/18/19: Caught in a quid pro quo, Trump falsely accuses Biden of a quid pro quo. MSNBC By Steve Benen

MAY 19, 2020: Gov. Andrew Cuomo gets a pass from CNN on nursing home policy controversy. "New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is being accused of failing to protect nursing home residents during the coronavirus pandemic, which one state representative called an “inexcusable tragedy.” While many are blaming Cuomo’s policies for the high death toll, one place you won’t hear any questions about it is on CNN, where experts point out the governor is instead lobbed softball questions during playful interviews with his younger brother, CNN anchor Chris Cuomo." Brian Flood

18 politicians/media reporters who are related

May 18, 2020: EXCLUSIVE: Major Western Media – CNN, BBC, Reuters, AP – Participated in Chinese Communist Party’s ‘Global Media Summit’.Kingsley Cortes.

MAY 17, 2020: Media Must Report Truth Of Anti-Trump Spy Operation Before It’s Too Late For Them. Mollie Ziegler Hemingway

May 18, 2020; The Misleading Attack From CNN's 'Reliable Sources' on Fox News' Coverage on Flynn and COVID-19. Julio Rosas

US troops routinely vote by mail. Why can’t the rest of America do the same? "Not surprisingly President Trump has opposed allowing states to give every American the option to vote by mail. While he claims that voting by mail has a tremendous potential for fraud, he has publicly admitted that the real reason is that he fears a large turnout favors Democrats. But if Trump had not avoided military service in Vietnam in 1968, by having a doctor make a dubious claim that he had bone spurs,....." Lawrence J. Korb
Citizen47usa: "Verfication of military voters is one thing, verfication of all voters is another matter. Mr. Korb's remarks about Trump avoiding military service due to "dubious claim" tells you all you need to know about Korb's probable bias".

Verification of Absentee Ballots.

May 18, 2020: On Trump-Hatred By David Prentice.

May 15, 2020: Rachel Maddow on Trump and the virus.

May 17, 2020: Sen. Hirono on MSNBC.

May 15, 2020: How did Osama bin Laden really die? By Susan Daniels.

16MAY2020: Media Bias: Stephanie Ruhle says 'Obamagate' story was 'made up'. Ruhle made the comments during a Friday broadcast.

14MAY2020: Making of a myth: Timeline of media's role in selling 'Trump-Russia collusion' tale.

MAY 16,2020: NBC Correspondent Spreads Chinese Propaganda To Attack Trump. By Ashe SchowDailyWire.com

08APR2020: 5 facts about Fox News. By John Gramlich.

May 05, 2020: Fake News: ABC, NBC, CBS All Face-Plant on Bogus Anti-Trump Administration Stories in the Span of a Few Days.

CNN accused of 'egregious misreading' of data from coronavirus survey.

Updated 4:00 p.m. ET, May 12, 2020: Coronavirus pandemic in the US. Meg Wagner, Mike Hayes, Elise Hammond and Veronica Rocha, CNN.

China issues lengthy rebuttal to top 24 COVID-19 'lies' told by United States.

2020.05.09: Reality Check of US Allegations Against China on COVID-19.

MAY 12, 2020: FAKE NEWS: CNN’s Joe Lockhart misquotes Dr. Fauci at Senate hearing. Greg P.

Fauci testifies on Trump's coronavirus response. By Meg Wagner and Mike Hayes, CNN. Updated 12:08 p.m. ET, May 12, 2020.

CBS Sides with China Commies Over America, Peddles Piles of Fake News on Coronavirus

10MAY2020: CBS News.

Shelby Talcott May 10, 2020: CBS News’ ‘60 Minutes’ With Scott Pelley Slammed For Making Numerous False, Misleading Claims On Coronavirus Response From Trump Administration

NBC News: Hey, sorry about butchering that Bill Barr video.

"Could not find this clip on the NBC News site. Was it pulled?" citizen47usa.

12MAY2020: Chuck Todd apology.

Ryan Saavedra May11, 2020: NBC News Admits It Aired Deceptively Edited Clip Of Barr On ‘Meet The Press’ With Chuck Todd.

March 8, 2020: Here’s Just How Ridiculously Biased the Media Have Been Covering Coronavirus by Bonchie

Draining the Swamp

UPDATED: 31MAY2020 14:13 CDT.

28AUG2019: A Progress Report - Is President Donald Trump "Draining the Swamp?" Adam Andrzejewski.

27MAY2020: A viral video may keep Biden's nasty little habit in the public eye. By Andrea Widburg


31MAY2020: Just One More Thing Obama Lied About.

29MAY2020: MORE on Flynn-Kislyak Transcripts: ONLY KISLYAK Brought Up Sanctions on Russia — NOT FLYNN — Shows Flynn Was Set Up.

29MAY2020: Newly released declassified transcripts of call transcripts and summaries between Flynn and Kislyak contradict key claims made against Flynn by former Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

29MAY2020: Grenell: 'No Possible Way' Anti-Trump Action in Obama Administration 'Wasn't Known in the White House' Michael W. Chapman

29MAY2020: FBI Document From, To, and Approved by Peter Strzok Provides Smoking Gun Russia Collusion Was ‘Illicit, Made-Up Investigation’

05/27/2020: New FBI document confirms the Trump campaign was investigated without justification. Kevin R. Brock, opinion contributor.

May 26, 2020: It’s Not The Trump Administration Politicizing Flynn’s Case, It’s Judge Sullivan. By Margot Cleveland.

May 26, 2020: The Obama People Turned the Whole Philosophy of the American Founding Upside Down. Not Because They're Evil, but Because They're Idiots. By Christopher Chantrill.

May 26, 2020: The FBI documents that put Barack Obama in the ‘Obamagate’ narrative. By John Solomon.

May 22, 2020: WATCH: Kayleigh McEnany Berates Press for Not Asking About Obamagate.

May 22, 2020: DC Appeals Court Ruling on Flynn Legal Team's Petition Shows Huge Hurdle Has Been Passed. Matt Vespa.

May 18, 2020: How The FBI Used ‘News Hooks’ To Advance The Trump-Russia Probe.

May 14, 2020: Making of a myth: Timeline of media's role in selling 'Trump-Russia collusion' tale. Sharyl Attkisson.

May 13, 2020: ‘Obamagate’ Isn’t A Conspiracy Theory, It’s The Biggest Political Scandal Of Our Time. And the media know it. By John Daniel Davidson.

April 29, 2020: Deep State Darling Ellen Nakashima: WaPo Writer Behind This Week’s Trump-Grenell Fake News Hit Piece Was Also First to Report Russia Hacked the DNC in 2016. By Joe Hoft

Social Media

UPDATED: May 31,2020 08:51 CDT.

"Search" Bias on the Internet. This webmaster uses DuckDuckGo.

29MAY2020: Most of Facebook Censorship Board Has Ties to Leftwing Billionaire George Soros. Judicial Watch.

30MAY2020: The debate about whether social media companies should have protection from liability misses a larger question about their role in American society.

May 28, 2020: It’s Time To Stop Pretending Twitter Is Neutral. John Daniel Davidson

May 28 2020: Dems Paying ‘Non-Political’ Social Media Influencers to Covertly Push Anti-Trump, Anti-GOP Agenda. by Nick Arama

May 28, 2020: 33 Examples of Twitter’s Anti-Conservative Bias. Staff News Busters

May 28, 2020: Twitter Revises “Fact Check” of Trump Because They Were Wrong. Matt Palumbo.

Posted here 28 May 2020: Dr. Fei-Fei Li – a Stanford Professor and former Google Vice President linked with Chinese Communist Party (CCP) projects – has been appointed to the board at Twitter as an ‘independent advisor.’ The news comes as Twitter begins to alter President Trump’s Twitter feed to suit narratives that are likely to impede his re-election. Sofia Carbone is a freelance writer

May 26, 2020: USPS Mail Carrier Arrested & Charged With Attempted Election Fraud.

Twitter Fact-Checks Trump; Trump Retaliates:‘Twitter Is Now Interfering In The 2020 Presidential Election,’ ‘Stifling Free Speech’; ‘I, As President, Will Not Allow It’. Hank Berrien DailyWire.com

May 26, 2020: Twitter ‘deeply sorry’ for 'pain' caused by Trump’s tweets about Lori Klausutis, MSNBC’s Joe Scarboroughy. Brian Flood Fox News.

Twitter Says Jimmy Kimmel ‘Manipulated’ Anti-Pence Video.

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